Arbor Day 2017 Seedling Giveaway

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Arbor Day in Pennsylvania is celebrated Friday, April 28. Tree Pittsburgh is celebrating by giving away 1,000 tree seedlings grown at our Heritage Nursery, thanks to the Pittsburgh Shade Tree Commission! 

We'll see you Friday, April 28 in Market Square. The giveaway begins at 11:45 and ends at 2 p.m. or when we're out of seedlings, whichever comes first.

Here's a list of the available seedlings and some information about each. Click the names of the species for more information.

  • Arborvitae: sun, evergreen, tall and skinny
  • Black birch and yellow birch: sun, non-peeling bark, yellow fall color, twigs smell/taste like wintergreen
  • Blackgum: sun, large shade tree, great fall color (red/orange)
  • Chinese quince: sun, pink flowers in April/May, large fruit (edible, used in jams), flakey bark
  • Kentucky coffeetree: sun, large shade tree, large leaves
  • Oak (mixed): sun, great shade tree, long-living
  • Pawpaw: partial sun, native edible fruit
  • Redbud: sun/edge, pink/purple flowers, shorter than 20 feet tall when mature
  • Sweetbay magnolia: sun, flowering in May/June, 20-25 feet tall when mature
  • Sweetgum: sun, large shade tree, great fall color (yellow, orange, red, purple)
  • Umbrella magnolia: sun/shade, native flowering magnolia, white flowers in May, 25 feet tall when mature
  • Yellow buckeye: sun, large shade tree, yellow flowers, orange fall leaves

If you'd like to learn more about tree species selection, planting, and care, check out our series of Facebook Live videos:

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